Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Real Life Betty

While there are a couple of girls who are said to have directly influenced Fleischer Studio's Betty Boop, Helen Kane remains supreme. While most flappers and entertainers of the time were long and lean in appearance, Kane was short, curvy, and had that innocent doll face - making her an instant sex symbol. And that voice! Nothing quite like it. She quickly gained cult following. Little girls carried Kane dolls, grown up girls emulated Kane's appearance and voice. Soon her caricature was created by animator Grim Natwick - a puppy dog - later turned girl - which turned to be who we know as Betty Boop.

  photo Downloads5.jpg

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Charting number 5 in 1928, “That’s my weakness now” completely embodies that suggestive flapper we all now recognize today as Betty Boop. Isn’t this song just the best!?! 

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