Thursday, March 6, 2014

A brooch, blogged

I listed something very special to me today.  This was one of the first vintage things I ever purchased. Bought with my left over allowance money (I donated most of my allowance to the humane society, because jeez I couldn’t get past those sad postcards they kept sending me) I found it at a booth in a flea market with my dad when I was 10. It was the kind of booth that was run by a little old lady, yes, most likely a hoarder, who loved and cherished every last little nik-nak in her crazy crammed booth. Of course she had stories about EVERY THING she had. She told me this pin was a very special prize awarded to school children in the 1930s to promote good attendance and behavior.  She ended up allowing me to have it for 10 cents, because she could tell by my shy little face that 25 cents was going to be a no-go for me and my penny pinching 90s neon wallet. And while I can’t confirm her story to be 100% true what I can confirm is this is probably one of the cutest novelty brooches out there. 
 photo IMG_1692.jpg

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