Friday, March 7, 2014

A sea shells song.

When we were young my mother had a large conch shell on display in my room. She would tell me to put my ear to it so I could hear an ocean song. This made me rather upset because I thought what I was hearing was the sea shell missing the ocean so much, its brain was recreating the memories of its old home. I would day dream about taking it from my room and hiding it in my Gumby travel bag and returning it to the beach. A girl’s room was no place for a shell that was sad. I would imagine kissing the shell, saying farewell, and waving goodbye as the waves soothed its once lonely heart. I would be depressed that it would no longer be mine to admire, but I knew I would be at peace with the decision I had made because now it could be happy. 

 photo Downloads8.jpg

While listing this pin today I thought about that. I was having a rather hard day, because anniversaries of things can be hard, and saying goodbye is hard, and letting people leave your life is hard, but ultimately sometimes you have to, so they can be happy.  And sometimes memories will have to be enough, like the ocean’s breath, replaying in a sad shells heart. 

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