Sunday, May 4, 2014

1000 Etsy Sales and an introduction to THE VAULT

We reached 1000 Etsy sales this week! Thank you so much for your support! These last 6 months of full time Prowl has been so wonderful and everyday when I walk into my studio I get to leave the negativity and depression of being sick behind me. Having the opportunity to focus on spreading vintage all over the world is the light of my life. Now that this first milestone is behind me, I feel confident enough in myself to start offering vintage from “the vault.” The vault is something I started 10 years ago, and whenever I found a designer piece or top shelf vintage I immediately placed it in a special storage place. So now, little by little, I will be offering these pieces to the world. The first piece I decided to offer was a Malcolm Starr, because, well, I’m avid collector of Starr. 

 photo Collages10.jpg

 This is one of my favorites from my collection (behind the circus animal skirt of course). I’m a sucker for late 60s, brocade, bows, and empire waists, so obviously this dress takes the cake in my book.  Quite honestly I’m not really sure why I’m selling it, but, sometimes that’s the hard part of having a vintage shop.  I hope it will live an exciting and glamorous life after me, and I’m quite certain it will. 

 photo lk13.jpg
 photo lk12.jpg

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