Thursday, August 7, 2014

Where do you go, my lovely?

Hello everyone! It’s been quiet over here, hasn’t it? It’s also been a bit quiet in the shop, too. But don’t worry!  It’s been for good reason.  You may have noticed a couple new girls standing in for the last month or two. Their names are Maureen and Pattie and they will be helping out for the rest of the year while we make some improvements. (If you got that reference we should probably be best friends.)  We are making some changes to the shop over the next few months to ensure a pleasant and easy shopping experience.  

Now for the more exciting news!  We are in the process of opening two new additional stores, which we know you will love. Both stores will be completely different from each other,  but  will be “branches” of Prowl. While the second store won’t be unleashed on all of you until late fall, I have been working day and night on the first new shop.  It really has been such a nice, fresh experience. You will be able to find it solely on Etsy and  there will be lots of neat vintage jewelry, accessories, house wares, and of course, clothing.  I am very excited to start carrying select men's fashion (something we've never done before) and also vintage electronics that my father and I have refurbished! While we will have a much broader selection of things in this new shop, it will be tightly curated and will never, ever feel overwhelming. 

I’ll be posting some sneak peaks on Instagram over the next few weeks, but make sure you are around on October 1st when the new shop debuts on Etsy!  Eek!

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