Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Where to find us

Hey everyone, quick update about what's been going on around here. We will be adding new items to our Etsy shop daily. We added a new section, called Clearance, and well, I think it's pretty self explanatory. There are (and will be) some serious deals to be had over there. We are also growing our Boudoir section, I'm glad to see all of you kittens love vintage lingerie as much as I do. And like normal - tons of dresses, jackets, and all else that is great.

Also, keep up with us over on Instagram - ontheprowlvintage - to keep up with our adventures, new items, cute pictures of cats, and awkward selfies, and you just gotta follow us Pinterest - so much vintage inspiration over there.

Love to all of you, my kit-cats.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Where do you go, my lovely?

Hello everyone! It’s been quiet over here, hasn’t it? It’s also been a bit quiet in the shop, too. But don’t worry!  It’s been for good reason.  You may have noticed a couple new girls standing in for the last month or two. Their names are Maureen and Pattie and they will be helping out for the rest of the year while we make some improvements. (If you got that reference we should probably be best friends.)  We are making some changes to the shop over the next few months to ensure a pleasant and easy shopping experience.  

Now for the more exciting news!  We are in the process of opening two new additional stores, which we know you will love. Both stores will be completely different from each other,  but  will be “branches” of Prowl. While the second store won’t be unleashed on all of you until late fall, I have been working day and night on the first new shop.  It really has been such a nice, fresh experience. You will be able to find it solely on Etsy and  there will be lots of neat vintage jewelry, accessories, house wares, and of course, clothing.  I am very excited to start carrying select men's fashion (something we've never done before) and also vintage electronics that my father and I have refurbished! While we will have a much broader selection of things in this new shop, it will be tightly curated and will never, ever feel overwhelming. 

I’ll be posting some sneak peaks on Instagram over the next few weeks, but make sure you are around on October 1st when the new shop debuts on Etsy!  Eek!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

1000 Etsy Sales and an introduction to THE VAULT

We reached 1000 Etsy sales this week! Thank you so much for your support! These last 6 months of full time Prowl has been so wonderful and everyday when I walk into my studio I get to leave the negativity and depression of being sick behind me. Having the opportunity to focus on spreading vintage all over the world is the light of my life. Now that this first milestone is behind me, I feel confident enough in myself to start offering vintage from “the vault.” The vault is something I started 10 years ago, and whenever I found a designer piece or top shelf vintage I immediately placed it in a special storage place. So now, little by little, I will be offering these pieces to the world. The first piece I decided to offer was a Malcolm Starr, because, well, I’m avid collector of Starr. 

 photo Collages10.jpg

 This is one of my favorites from my collection (behind the circus animal skirt of course). I’m a sucker for late 60s, brocade, bows, and empire waists, so obviously this dress takes the cake in my book.  Quite honestly I’m not really sure why I’m selling it, but, sometimes that’s the hard part of having a vintage shop.  I hope it will live an exciting and glamorous life after me, and I’m quite certain it will. 

 photo lk13.jpg
 photo lk12.jpg

Purchase this beauty HERE

Monday, April 7, 2014

Here a dress, there a dress, everywhere a dress dress

If you've been up in my studio lately, and good god thankfully that's only been a few people, it's clear that one of two things have happened: 1) a giant dress monster had a huge litter of babies or 2) spring cleaning has started and has taken over! (It's the dress monster one shhhhh) We’re also making some changes, and have some new projects in the works - so we’ve been putting up big lots of dresses for the taking and FOR CHEAP.  I’ve had a few sweetheart customers worried that we were closing (you guys really make my heart melt sometimes) but quite the opposite actually!!! But I’m giving too much away already. So for now, enjoy all these super affordable dresses and GET EM OUT OF HERE!
   photo Collages6-1.jpg

Monday, March 31, 2014

and this one belongs to the Reds

 photo Crosley-Field-Home-of-the-Cincinnati-Reds-1940.jpg

Today is Reds Opening Day in Cincinnati. If you from Cincinnati, then well, you need no explanation.  To those not from around here, Opening Day is basically a holiday here to celebrate our baseball team. (The first professional ball team)  Growing up, my Cincinnati grandparents ALWAYS had the Reds game on the radio. They would drink beer and I would drink tea and eat cheez-its and we would play cards listening to it. It was the soundtrack to my summer evenings as a little girl.  Just the thought of hearing Marty Brennaman or Joe Nuxhalls voice brings a calm happy feeling to me. 

 photo thumblargeimage4900x46jgm28.jpg

To celebrate today all this things "red" are 25% off in the shop. Just type in red in the search box to see what qualifies. Coupon code: GoREDS2014 at checkout!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Date Night - In Shop Now

I'm so excited that not only is date night is becoming a "thing" again, but girls are anxiously awaiting for that night in the week to get dolled up. I remember when I was little my Grandma and a few other relatives her age would sit around the table and reminisce about going out on Fridays and dressing "to the nines".  Some were first dates that would be last dates, and some would be dates that would later turn out to be finding true love. I would listen to their laughter as their memory transported them to nights of young discovery.  I eagerly ate up every word and every memory, and wondered what my date night dress would look like.
 photo kristy216.jpg
You have to wonder if any of these dresses we just listed were ever part of past "date nights"?  Maybe a stroll through the park with dinner and dancing, maybe a bottle of wine and then the theater, or perhaps to a friends wedding. It sure is fun to think about. But what is even more fun is wondering where these dresses will go next, and will they be reminisced about in a room 50 years later and lay upon a young girls ear?