Saturday, March 15, 2014

Date Night - In Shop Now

I'm so excited that not only is date night is becoming a "thing" again, but girls are anxiously awaiting for that night in the week to get dolled up. I remember when I was little my Grandma and a few other relatives her age would sit around the table and reminisce about going out on Fridays and dressing "to the nines".  Some were first dates that would be last dates, and some would be dates that would later turn out to be finding true love. I would listen to their laughter as their memory transported them to nights of young discovery.  I eagerly ate up every word and every memory, and wondered what my date night dress would look like.
 photo kristy216.jpg
You have to wonder if any of these dresses we just listed were ever part of past "date nights"?  Maybe a stroll through the park with dinner and dancing, maybe a bottle of wine and then the theater, or perhaps to a friends wedding. It sure is fun to think about. But what is even more fun is wondering where these dresses will go next, and will they be reminisced about in a room 50 years later and lay upon a young girls ear?

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